Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Today we began with our opener (pdf).

We then spent some time learning a bit about measurement, rates, and dimensional analysis (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for this weekend is:
  1. If necessary, make an appointment to re-assess over the Proportion and Percents assessment we took on Wednesday. Remember the re-assessment window is open through next Wednesday.

  2. Organize your notebook. It should have all your openers, classwork, and homework (self-check problems, pre-assessment problems, etc.), as well as your returned assessments (Math Skills Assessment, Proportions and Percents Assessment).

  3. If you haven't created your first blog post yet (it was due today, remember?), please do that this weekend and email the URL to me.

  4. A reminder that we'll have MAP Testing on Monday so please report directly to the Media Center Computer Lab on Monday morning.

  5. If you haven't gotten graph paper yet, please do so this weekend as you'll need it on Tuesday.

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