Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011

Today we began with this incomparable opener (pdf). We finished talking about Wednesday's lesson and then took a little field trip to the gym hallway to collect some data to help us explore time and distance relationships (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for Monday is:
  1. Complete the Graphing Linear Equations by Using a Table Online Pre-Assessment on the Moodle. Our assessment will be on Tuesday next week, so make sure you complete this over the weekend and, if you have questions, get them answered before Tuesday.

  2. Finish the remaining graphs that we didn't get to in class (see page 2 of the lesson (pdf) for the collated data for the last 3 walks). As a reminder, for each walker here are the steps I'd like you to complete:

    a) Graph the walk. Time (seconds) goes on the x-axis, distance (meters) on the y-axis. I provided you with graph paper to use.

    b) Calculate the walker's speed. If the speed changes at some point(s) during the walk (how can you tell?), then calculate the speed for each interval where it's different. Use the formula d = rt (distance equals rate times time; rate is another term for speed; probably easiest to divide both sides by t so that you have rate = distance divided by time, r = d/t).

    c) Write out the directions you think Mr. Fisch gave the walker.

    d) Repeat steps a) through c) for each walker.

    e) Create your own set of walking directions (just one example, for 10 seconds) and then create the accompanying graph that would represent what that would look like if the walker was able to follow your directions exactly.

  3. For your easy reference, here's the daily theme for Homecoming next week (as well as all the athletic events).

    Monday – Superhero day

    Tuesday – Black and white formal day, Royalty assembly 7:30 am

    Wednesday – Wacky tacky day, Bonfire 7:00 pm baseball field

    Thursday – Disney character day, Lunchtime activities

    Friday – Spirit day, Pep assembly 1:15pm, Royalty recognized at varsity football game 7:00 pm

    Saturday – Parade 10:00 am, Dance 8:00 pm-11:00 pm

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