Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

We began with this opener (pdf) to get our heads back in the Algebra game.

Then today was a Carnegie Hall Day (practice, practice, practice) lesson (pdf), with an emphasis on systems of inequalities and functions.

Tonight's homework is:
  1. Complete the Systems of Inequalities Online Pre-Assessment on the Moodle.

  2. If you haven't been playing along with watching the one-a-day-videos to begin reviewing for the final exam, you may want to start that now. This link will take you to an auto-magically updating collection of all the posts with the videos.

  3. Please read this blog post about A Quarter is More Than Just a Fraction and Kiva and decide how/if you'd like to participate. No amount is too small - or too large. (Total so far: $0.36; Last year: $71.41 from class, $300 total)

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