Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

We began with our assessment over Absolute Value Equations and Inequalities (key, pdf). As we discussed in class, I've decided not to count this one since I've been gone so much lately. I'd still like you to review the key and try to master the material.

We then reviewed for the final exam (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for this weekend is:
  1. Review for the final exam.I gave you two packets, one for the multiple choice portion of the final and one for the free response portion of the final. You definitely need to do the multiple choice part this weekend. I will either post the key to the blog or email it to your google apps account (or perhaps both), most likely on Sunday (because I want you to work through it before getting the key). The key (pdf) is now posted.

    The second packet is the free response review. I highly recommend you work through that this weekend as well, although you don't have to. We will go over that in class on Monday, but I think it will be a much more valuable review for you if you have already tried to work the problems this weekend. So it's up to you, but I would highly recommend it.
  2. Any more donations for Kiva? It would be great if you could bring some in on Monday, although I will accept them all next week. (Total so far: $17.02; Last year: $71.41 from class, $300 total.)
  3. You might check out this article with suggestions for how best to prepare for finals.

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