Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We began with this opener (pdf).

We then learned about Probability and Odds (lesson, pdf).

Your homework for tomorrow:
  1. Don't forget that your Systems of Equations Writing Assignment (pdf) is due tomorrow.

  2. Watch and complete the Probability and Odds Video, then submit your self-check answers on the Moodle.


  3. Play around with the Cold War Kids video and try to answer the two questions from the lesson:

    a) If we set all of the tracks before we start, how many different videos could we watch?

    b) How many clips did each musician have to record?

    c) Bonus question: If we started watching all the possible different versions we could watch starting Tuesday in class, and only watched during our Algebra class (and did nothing else - you wish), on what day and at what time would we finish watching the videos? (Helpful link: AHS Calendar)

  4. Here are two interesting articles about probability that you might be interested in.

    5 Worries Parents Should Drop, and 5 They Shouldn't looks at what parents typically fear will happen to their kids (but is actually pretty unlikely), and what they should be concerned about (because they have a higher probability of happening).

    Chances Are looks at a conditional probability problem involving the likelihood of having breast cancer is you have a positive mammogram. We won't be getting into conditional probability this year, but it's still an interesting and important article for you to see how probability is something you need a good handle on in order to make good health care decisions.

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