Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

We began with this memorable opener (pdf).

Then today's lesson (pdf) was learning about Five Number Summaries. Here are a couple of articles regarding the mean and median wages in the U.S. that we talked about in class. Consider talking with your social studies teacher and/or your parents about what these numbers mean and how they relate to some of the current protests going on around the country.

Your homework is:
  1. Watch and complete the Writing Linear Equations in Standard Form video. Please make sure you give this your best effort and complete the self-check problems and have them with you on Monday.

  2. Due before you go to bed Monday night: On your Algebra Reflective Blog, please create a new post titled "The Effect of Outliers on Mean and Median." Then, in your own words, describe the effect of outliers on mean and median. You can do that however you'd like, but most likely you are going to want to find or create a data set that has some outliers and use it as an example to explain to your reader the different ways outliers affect mean and median.

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